Our customers know that we will go to any lengths to insure that they will remain our customers for life.
At Schwarze we are committed to your satisfaction strive to provide superior service by going to any lengths to make sure our customers receive their sweepers.

This is the commitment that all of our employees have to you, making sure that the purchase from us is the best purchase experience that you will ever have.

Unless our customers are happy, we’re not happy!

In this particular photo series, Schwarze delivered some brand new Bonne Trailer Brooms to a Schwarze customer.

After 4 days of travel on the back of a Semi Trailer, the Bonne Trailer Brooms arrived in safe condition at location.

However, at the time of delivery, no standard equipment was available for unloading at the delivery yard.

After some quick thinking and smart intuition the only option was a crane. And as you know, up in the Northern Territory nothing is small.

Our Bonne Trailer Brooms were no match for this incredible large crane.

Eventually we were able to successfully unload the Trailer Brooms and they were ready for Sweeping.

Just another way Schwarze provides superior service to our customers, which we consider family, and offering the type of personal attention that can’t be found at any other sweeper manufacturer in Australia.

Schwarze stands for: Quality, Performance, Public Safety, Value and Customer Service