SuperVac Aero


The Schwarze SuperVac Aero is a light-duty parking lot sweeper with a 2.0 cubic yard hopper and is used by universities, parks and rec facilities and other agencies not wanting the expense of a dedicated chassis and sweeper combination.

With a pulse-type fuel pump, the Aero is designed to work more and be down for maintenance less.

The Aero easily slides into the back of a standard half-ton pickup or pulled on the optional trailer. The SuperVac Aero is a light-duty cost-effective option with a low cost of ownership
Heavy Duty Polyethylene Hopper
No rust, low maintenance design
All Soldered Connections
Increased uptime with the use of severe duty wiring that eliminates shorts caused by poor connections
Custom Made-to-Order Hydraulic Hoses
Reduces the opportunity for contamination in hydraulic system
Heavy Duty Resistant Steel Fan
Maximum vacuum performance
Jack Stands
Provides safe and easy unloading of the sweeper when not in use
Slide-Out Screen
Provides easy removal of screen for cleaning
Backpack Rack
Additional storage for other equipment needed to do the job. Keeps equipment out the cab and easily accessible
Clean Air Blower
Gives operator ability to remove debris from curb line without need for additional equipment or man hours
Optional Equipment
Strobe Light, Flood Light, Mounted Clean Air Blower, Backpack Blower Rack, Trailer Mounted
25 Gallon Onboard Dust Control System
Minimizes dust in confined areas and extends component life
Slide-Out Screens
Does not require operator to climb inside the hopper to clean
LED Lighting
Increased visibility on the streets. Warning lights placed high on unit to alert vehicles to sweeping operation
2.0 Cubic Yard Hopper Capacity
Larger hopper capacity equates to less dumping time
Slides into 1/2 Tone Pickup Truck
Eliminates the need for a dedicated piece of equipment
Optional Trailer
Easily Attaches to the optional trailer, can be pulled by utility equipment as well as on-highway vehicle
Low Start-up Costs
Uses less fuel than other traditional sweepers
Reduced Operating Costs
Lower initial investment when compared to other sweepers
Computer Controlled Cutting & Forming Process
Guarantees a consistent cut part every time
Adjustable Leaf Bleeder
Allows exhaust up to 80% of the air. This gives the ability to better adjust the airflow based on varying material conditions

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